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With Coleen Rowley, FBI (ret.)

Preparing to speak at rally before White House, June 16, 2014

"The Usual Suspects" after "Beyond Orwell -- Surveillance, Secrets, & Whistleblowing" event at Georgetown University, April 22, 2014

NEW: Why Does the U.S. continue to incite rather than restrain its puppets in Ukraine?  What is preventing Angela Merkel her government from emerging from their 70-year adolescence?  And why has NSA’s bulk electronic surveillance not been able to prevent terrorist attacks; why is it actually increasing the danger from terrorists?

RT/Deutsch’s Jasmin Kosubek interviews Ray in Berlin for “Der Fehlende Part” (The Missing Part) program on Jan. 22, 2015 a few hours before the Sam Adams Associates presented this year’s award to former NSA Technical Director, Bill Binney.

Ray’s comments on Ukraine come between minute 5:30 & 11:35; his remarks on NSA’s hare-brained “collect-it-all” approach to data, and that evening’s Sam Adams award ceremony, are seen/heard between minute 15:00 & 19:45.

Most of the exchange is dubbed into German, but much can be heard also in English.

NEW: “Der Frieden ist schlecht fuer das Geschaeft”  (Peace is Bad For Business)

On Dec. 30, 2014, RT/Deutsch ran recorded remarks by Ray on NATO, the seeds of the crisis in Ukraine, and why the Russians will not back down.

The interview goes for 13 minutes, from a little after minute 1 up to min. 14; there is extensive dubbing into German, but much of the English can also be heard.

NEW: NSA Whistle Blower William Binney Wins 2015 Sam Adams Award

By Hanna Borno International Business Times, January 26, 2015

Scroll down to the bottom for video of the entire event, which begins at minute 8:00 and ends at 1 hour, 36 minutes (courtesy RT)

NEW: Sam Adams Award 2015 in Berlin: Whistleblowers on Dangers to Democracy

By Charlie Skelton, Huffington Post UK, January 23, 2015

NEW: “Whistleblower sind keine Helden, sie sind Menschen wie du und ich!” – Sam Adams Awardverleihung & Videointerview

by Florian Gillberg, January 24, 2015

Whistleblowers should not be pedestalized as “heroes.”  Placing them on a pedestal makes it too easy for potential whistleblowers to rationalize failing to act; they tell themselves, “Well, I’m not a hero,” and then do nothing.  Whistleblowers, rather, are patriots, who honor the solemn oath they took “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Those who do not read German can simply scroll down to the 7-minute interview filmed right after the award ceremony, with Bill Binney (2015); Coleen Rowley (2002); Ed Snowden (2013) appearing by livestream; Jesselyn Radack (2011); and Tom Drake (2011), in order of appearance.

NEW: U.S. Government Pursuing Courageous Whistleblowers: Former CIA Officer

Ray interviewed on the morning of the Sam Adams award presentation.

RT/Berlin, January 22, 2015, 4 minutes

NOTE: Ray is taking part in the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) award ceremony this week in Berlin.  Bill Binney is this year's awardee.  SAAII website is

​Here is a list of recipients of the award, followed by the year awarded:

1 -- Coleen Rowley -- 2002
2 -- Katharine Gun -- 2003
3 -- Sibel Edmonds -- 2004
4 -- Craig Murray -- 2005
5 -- Sam Provance -- 2006
6 -- Frank Grevil -- 2007
7 -- Larry Wilkerson -- 2009
8 -- Julian Assange -- 2010
9 -- Thomas Drake -- 2011
10 -Jesselyn Radack -- 2011
11 -Thomas Fingar -- 2012
12 -Edward Snowden – 2013
13 -Chelsea Manning – 2014
​14 -William Binney – 2015

Kathy Kelly and Ray in front of CIA HQS